Employing the latest in virtualization technologies SmartEdge supplies wireless network solutions that not only meet bandwidth-intensive applications but the capacity to support a large number of simultaneously-connected mobile users.



Our turn-key wireless solutions deliver reliable and secure data, voice, and video communications. We make it simple by helping you plan a wireless network that will not only meet your current needs but also provide growth and scalability for the future.



5 reasons our Wi-Fi solution is the one for you:


  • Greater capacity - more users per channel

  • Simplicity - easier to plan, deploy and expand

  • Better coverage per access point

  • Voice quality you can depend on

  • Lower total cost of ownership






In 2002, Meru began with a vision that sooner or later most enterprises would operate in an all-wireless environment where a wireless LAN would fully support the enterprise. They wanted users to be able to count on a wireless network to access the content and applications they needed to get their jobs done, and they wanted IT managers to have the power to prepare their networks for the next generation of mobile applications.


To bring that vision to life, Meru created a unique architecture that frees networks from the limitations of Microcell design and client control. With mobility in mind, Meru custom-built a network that could deliver the seamless coverage and simple scalability that are only possible with a single-channel design, a network that could virtualize wireless resources to ensure smooth, predictable performance. Meru’s MoblieFLEX Wi-Fi solutions are built from the ground up to support high-user density, extremely mobile users, and business-critical voice, video, and data applications. 


Today the Meru Virtualized Wireless LAN is serving thousands of customers worldwide. Their products are tailored to the specific needs of industries with a requirement for high-performance wireless service including enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, K-12 education, higher education, manufacturing, retail, and other markets.


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