Hospitality has transcended beyond hotel rooms and lobbies to anywhere guests congregate, whether they are pool side, in the lounge, waiting for flights at the airport or watching a baseball game at the stadium. Pervasive deployments of a wireless LAN (WLAN) for network access combined with the adoption of the Wi-Fi into everything mobile has changed end user expectations and the applications they use. Savvy hospitality operators are recognizing the change in their guest requirements and are leveraging wirelessLANs to improve the brand experience with greater coverage and by offering new services guest can access from their Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.

Why is ours simply the best solution to meet the needs of the hospitality industry?

  • Simplicity

    Ours is the easiest system do deploy and manage. Simply place APs where coverage is needed and the Meru Air Traffic Control™ feature will automatically detect and load balance traffic ensuring predictable and stable applications performance.

  • Lower cost

    You'll save 25-30% on the number of components required and reduce your energy bills as well.

  • Performance and Capacity

    The Meru Air Traffic Control architecture guarantees toll quality voice calls and enables all devices to operate at their highest speeds, providing a wired-like experience for every user and application. With Meru you only need one network for all voice, data and video applications.

  • Reliability

    Meru virtualized WLAN enables infrastructure control of client connections instead of client control as in legacy WLAN systems. With the Meru distinctive architecture, applications perform reliably in the face of interference, slower clients and other deleterious network effects. Additionally, clients are not affected by other clients in the vicinity who may be operating at slower speeds. The infrastructure treats each client as if it has its own port and, hence, its own network services.