K-12 Education

Educational institutions choose Meru Networks for instructional technology in the classroom whether throughout a large public school district or in a small private academy. Meru's wireless LAN virtualization technology easily handles the demanding requirements of one-to-one computing environments where every child has a lap top and every classroom requires high capacity video streaming alongside voice and data.


Why is ours simply the best solution to meet the needs of K-12?

  • We enable high-speed mobile access to local educational material and to local file stores.

  • We support a high density of clients for data and real-time applications including voice and video. Classrooms full of laptops present no problems.

  • All APs run at full power reducing the AP count and the cost by up to a third.

  • Adding capacity or coverage is as easy as plugging in more AP's wherever you need them without worrying about any co-channel interference.

  • What about future needs inbandwidth or density? With channel layering, simply a second channel over the first to double capacity.