Virtualized Wireless LANs aren't just about improving the user experience and cutting costs. Like other forms of virtualization, they also make the network more secure by isolating users from each other. And the security benefits go beyond the virtual.

Because Virtualized Wireless LANs depend on advanced radio engineering, the network has the industry's highest security at the physical layer too. Meru is the only wireless vendor that can secure RF, offering wireless networks the same perimeter protection that wired networks take for granted.

  • Private Ports

    The Virtual Port gives each client a unique connection to the network that's shared with no-one, making it easy to customize security policies to fit each user, role or device through a per-user firewall. With only one client per port, there is no contention for access and no risk that one user will inadvertently gain access rights intended for another. When an unauthorized user tries to connect to the network, that attempt at access will also be through a Virtual Port, minimizing the potential for disruption and denial-of-service that affects others.

  • Physical Layer Segregation

    The Virtual Cell requires only one channel to provide network-wide coverage, no matter how many physical access points are used or how far the network extends. This makes it easier to distinguish the legitimate enterprise network from rogues or evil twins, speeding detection and mitigation. Transmissions can also be contained at the physical layer without affecting neighboring networks. Uniquely in the wireless industry, Meru can protect the enterprise perimeter at the physical layer, selectively monitoring the radio frequencies and blocking transmissions from the enterprise network using directional antennas. From outside the perimeter, the network simply disappears.

  • Real-Time Scanning

    The underlying technology behind Virtualized Wireless LANs is Air Traffic Control, an automated monitoring and management system built into every controller and access point. Continuous scanning gives the Meru controller constant awareness of all activity on the network, enabling immediate detection of rogue access points, intrusion attempts and potential threats. Unlike other vendors, Meru access points continue security scanning even when serving real-time traffic such as voice and video – all with no disruption to users.