Virtualization has already transformed the server and storage industries. By combining physical resources into one seamless pool, enterprises have gained greater flexibility and economies of scale. By partitioning the pool in ways that match user or application requirements, capacity can be reallocated on demand.


Instead of forcing users to adapt to the limitations of the physical infrastructure, the infrastructure itself customizes the resource to each user's needs.

  • Virtualized Wireless LAN

    Meru does for wireless connectivity what virtualization has already done to disk drives in RAID and processor cores in a modern server. Virtualized Wireless LANs work in the same way, enabling the All-Wireless Enterprise through increased flexibility, greater reliability and economies of scale.

  • Virtualization at the RF Layer

    Virtualized Wireless LANs are made possible by Meru's advanced radio engineering. It erases the boundaries that other systems impose between different access points' coverage areas, making each channel available network-wide. That also brings other benefits in predictability and spectral efficiency, which translate into reliability and scalability.

  • Virtualized Security and Management

    Virtualizing the network gives users a more responsive and reliable connection. The benefits for IT organizations are even greater. Both Virtualized Wireless LANs themselves and the radio technology on which they depend simplify management and enable the network to use multiple lines of defense against security threats.