Wireless that works


Business and consumer trends are creating an unparalleled demand for network infrastructure that supports high bandwidth and mobility. No longer tethered by Ethernet cables a growing number of mobile users demand streaming video, voice, and other high-speed data applications. Employing the latest in virtualization technologies SmartEdge supplies education, hospitality and enterprise customers with wireless network solutions that not only meet bandwidth-intensive applications but also have the capacity to support a large number of simultaneously-connected mobile users.



5 reasons our Wi-Fi solution is the one you will want:


  • Greater capacity… we support more users per channel

    Our system uses single-cell architecture - we use only 1 channel instead of 3. This leaves you with 2 available channels for channel layering to support 3 times the number of users.

  • Simple to plan and deploy

    Because we use only 1 channel, no channel planning is needed.

  • Better coverage per access point

    Since we use only 1 channel, all access points transmit at 100% power to maximize coverage and overall system efficiency.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Using a single channel with all access points at full power means that we need fewer access points and data drops. Installation and maintenance costs are lower.

  • Better voice quality

    Our system supports more Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) phones and consistently achieves land-line voice quality.

  • Easy to expand

    Need more coverage? Simply add access points.



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What Our Customers Say

  • “School District 92 implemented a district-wide enterprise wireless network of Meru access points, deployed by SmartEdge Networks. Throughout the entire project, from pre-sales contact through to final commissioning, SmartEdge sales and technical staff worked hard to ensure our needs were met and our questions were answered."

    "We have been very happy with our Meru network since its deployment. Staff members can now move freely within their schools without dropping connections on their laptops, and students are able to access the web resources they need even during peak usage periods, where previously our wireless networks would simply lock up when Saturated. In addition, we are thrilled with the amount of data we can collect from the Meru controller regarding throughput, client connectivity, and potential problems with our network. We would recommend SmartEdge Networks as a reliable vendor, and Meru Wireless as a fantastic product that has lived up to its promises. We spent nearly two years evaluating different products before we settled on Meru as a solution, and we are very happy with our decision.”

    Andrew Nutma
    IT Manager
    School District 92 (Nisga’a)